Emanuele Boria in art Red|-_-|box born in 1985 in Rome. His passion for music blossomed in 1996 through the study of classical guitar before, and electric later. Around 2000, he founded his first Nu Metal band . In 2005, during his university period, he approaches the world of music through meeting some fellow students who played a major role in its maturation electronic-musical. At the same time he has followed a course of musical grammar to study in deep the theories and techniques of language . In 2007 became part of the cultural association called sostanze, which led him to perform in the underground scene of Rome. In 2009 this experience convict him and the other members of the Association to found the label Sostanze Records. Red|-_-|box played at: Alpheus - Rome Neo Club - Rome Rashomon Club – Rome 333 Mother Bar – London He played with : Crystal Distortion Banditos Shockraver Empatysm Suburbass Pseudonym Vinka The Panacea
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