Sokolyara began composing music in 2005 in Moscow before he studied at the university, he was 22 years old. He often came to rave watching the performances of his favorite artists, they gave him strength and a desire for more creative inspiration and a desire to create something new, progressive, began work in his own recognizable style, much of which was played by his nature and perception of the world . Soon they were busy in complex rough directions, and the technology as a whole is sound experiments in such directions and styles as techno, trance, idm, doom, industrial, rhythmic noise, under the wing of its own network label "sacramental", where he hid under the Exact Noise. He performed in clubs and hidden forests. In 2015, recording began on the ground. Over time, he began to live more in the basement of the Studio somewhere in the Moscow region, called it "Holerika", where he continues to actively engage in creativity.
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