Edoardo Taori aka IlKobra, was born in a village lost among the mountains of Lazio (Italy), in 1985. He discovers in 1992 his interests in music, and learns to read musical score. In 1994 he begins to play classical guitar which soon becomes electric guitar and in 2002 he starts playing in Nu Metal and HardRock bands. The passion for electronic music starts by chance. In 2004 he gets in touch with new musical genres which eventually estrange him from the real world and catapult him into the jungle of electronic composition's software. In 2007 he joined the association for social promotion "SOSTANZE" and he begins his "Live" path through the Roman underground, performing alongside the likes of The Panacea, Vinka, Crystal Distortion, Suburbass, Banditos, Pseudonym, Empatysm. In 2009 he founded the independent label "Sostanze Records" along with fellow snacks.;)
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