* 2000
Phonocake digilog

Watching the Green and the lights of former cities, the drive for fresh air, love and nature approached, living and acting in a spa, during the wanderings of life. Over Thuringia and Berlin, Marcus Schneider now lives in the greater area of Dresden, right in the delightful area of the Saxon Switzerland. Next to his daytime job, he also finds time for piano class and making music of course, seek for the special moment in sound, aspiring for the click in the head, nowadys also with the leaning to acoustic explorations, for instance strings and chimes. He is also trying to collaborate with bands or solo instrumental artists. Boosted by his mentor Jacob Korn and influenced by trips and the nordic sound, in the beginning of this chiliad Marcus started the hardware synthies in accord with his huge heart, to give the music an output and give himself a way for expression.

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