Francesco Lenzi

* 2002
Sucu Music
Francesco Lenzi is an Italian guitarist from Arezzo (Tuscany). Guitarist and composer in many underground rock bands, he is now playing with "Assassini del Pop", a killer-indie band. Inspired by the “avantgarde sides” of some rock bands he liked, Franceso Lenzi started to record experimental music in 2002; and some of these works came out (and some will come out) as solo projects, released by many international netlabels. “Psychedelic ambient” is what he defines his music. “In the past” he says “my experimental side was more noisy and extreme, now is more relaxing”. You can easily notice strange elements in his actual stuff, all derived from psychedelic music; “sober psychedelia” as he likes to call it. His main goal – easily accomplished - in creating and playing music is to bring positive vibes to the listener. - Luca Sproviero
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