ChaseRecords Saint-Etienne

since 2011
The main goal of this free net label, created in 2005 is the promotion of Hard Electronic Music. We now want to release hard and / or dark stuff (EPs, Albums, Compilations, DJ Sets) in styles such as : dark & heavy Drum'n'bass, Darkstep or Techno Dnb, melancholic and soulful Ambient or IDM, down and midtempo Industrial Hardcore, Dark Breakcore, quality Techno, disturbing Dubstep, atmospheric Speedcore or Flashcore, dark Ambient and any other kind innovative experiments. Chase Records wants to help underground electronic artists to reach more listeners and get the exposure they deserve We can say that our main goal is the broadcasting of hard electronic music whatever the artists are newcomers or well known producers. We're only interested in music quality. So please, if you've downloaded our music : share, broacast and play it everywhere. We can also send CD-R copies of our releases for promotional use on underground radio show. Contact us if you're interested.
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