midinette lausanne

since 2006
When Tenko and o.f. (two of the coolest guys in the world) met in a New Yorkan loft at the beginning of 1984, they discovered they had common dreams: to be rich, to have an expensive and powerful sports car, a big house (with a plasma TV in each room), and of course be surrounded by beautiful girls all the time. That's the reason why they decided to create Midinette Records together...
Midinette Records is a new (net)label for Eclectic Electronic music based in La Chaux-de-Fonds and Lausanne, Switzerland.
Midinette Records catalogue is made up of 13 different releases that can be freely and exclusively downloaded as mp3 files. All releases are protected by a creative commons copyright.
If you want to contact us or our musicians, if you want to give us your feedback or your money, or if you want to submit your music: email us at midinette@midinetterecords.net.
Visit our myspace.com page: www.myspace.com/midinetterecords
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