Stroboskop Bratislava

since 2010
Slovakian based netlabel focusing on various styles of electronic music. If you want to make a remix or if you are looking for label where to release your music we are the right place for you. On our netlabel released respected producers from ..Germany.., ..Finland.., ..UK.., ..Czech.. ..Republic.. and ….Slovakia……… We are open minded. …. We are music lovers. …. We like all shades of electronic music….. If you are producing fattiest gold chains hip-hop or you are technoheadfreak, acid raver junky or italodisco sexy dancer or you are producing brokenbeats broken like clumsy skier leg, dubstep dark like moonless night in tunnel, lollypop sweet electropop, 10 000V electro or DNB ,EBM, IDM or whatever in-between you calling “my own style” we are here for you, all styles can be released on our label!!!! …. .. .. Come and help us to dig a grave for sinking boat of music industry and join our label.
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