since 2005
slum communications, based in various cities across the U.S. is a force of audible mayhem in the current (poorly named) new "underground electronic" movement that is shifting the focus towards the artists themselves instead of the label's (and the label's execs pockets) own personal gains. conversely, we are non-profit and hold no copyrights on the artist's materials contained within this site nor do we expect them to give us any profits. some beers and a pack of smokes would be more than appreciated, though. this site is intended to be a reference for interested individuals and/or groups that may be interested in our particular styles and motivations (of which there are many). you will find all the biographical/"press" information that a label's site would provide, but more media than any label would dream of posting for public download. and none of that copyright mumbo jumbo. so enjoy, and realize this is the real shit.
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