since 2005
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[ manifesto ] this is a label for chosen music we call deconstructed. we build structures out of fragments to compose new emotions. fragment #1 deconstruction is a emotional form. there's nothing to understand, only to feel. to see. to grasp. to contemplate. like a pyramid. standing in front of there's no thinking. fragment #2 we have basic forms that form a complex form. we use fragmentation and we use repetition. we also can re-order use. fragment #3 this chaotic makes us happy. there is an inner order that the recipients understands. fragment #4 individual freedom is the highest state of integration. we hear, look, listen, understand. we make. everyone lives at home. fragment #5 we are people. | this manifesto is a creative output and a creative source at the same time. we try to use #1 - #5 in all our releases. we need you for that. you are people, too.
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