Elephantbasslab — EBA -----

since 2013
Netlabel focused on dub, electro dub, stepper, dubstep and jungle sounds, with a selections of fine producers as web soundlab for share always positive vibes. All releases are licensed under CC Commons and are available for free download. ELEPHANT BASS COMPILATION What better way to start a web sound lab "Elephant Bass", where the passion and love for the good vibes is the only constant assured, with a selection of the many songs received in recent months by members of the homonymous group on facebook. The result that comes out are 2 volumes with a thin imaginary dividing line between music and sound dubplate style and melodies that are directed to explore experimental sounds. Featuring Dubsalon, Phoniandflore, Injham, Dr.Dubious, No Finger Nails, Ncomfortable, Sin, Mexican stepper, Dziga, A Man called Pj, Yayoland, Du3normal, Sensi T, Etrurian electronics, Dub.versif, Maïs, Recyclesound, U.stone. http://elephantbasslab.tk/
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