Sun Chariot

on Resting Bell 2009 / RB054
03/13/2009 Creative Commons BY-NC-ND
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You might remember Gardens From Light from their massive Resting Bell-double-feature "Birds Of Joy And Sorrow", released in October 2007. This time Steven and Ian offer a single 16-minute track entitled "Sun Chariot".

It's a very dense and deep track, and compared to "Birds Of Joy And Sorrow" it's more athmospheric and more complex. There is a continous drone throught this piece, layered with percussive elements, sublime field-recordings, haunted vocals, little keyboard sketches and higher oscillating tones. It is a beautiful movement of structures.

And when the piece is over, from the eeriest of nights to the filtered lens of wateriest sunrises, you wonder how it can only be so short.

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