Improvisations 2014

on Sucu Music 07/14/2017 | SCM-1902
Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
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Guitar maestro Sebastian Buccheri, with his Jazzdefector project, presents us a sublime series of short improvisations swinging between ambient and jazz. Released for the Netlabel Day 2018, Improvisations 2014 is an EP that will leave you starving for more as soon as you reach the end of the playlist. It is a journey to the rich artist’s sound palette made of slow harmonic progressions, arpeggios and cosmic reverbered guitar pads. ​It is an invitation to slow down our hurried lives, an invitation to let our hearts beating to a different rhythm, the natural and slow beating of our consciousness. Buccheri’s music, is out of a precise jazz or even ambient classification. Rather, it points us that only defecting from the rigid schemes of genres we can be free to explore new unrevealed and suprising paths. - Gaetano Fontanazza
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