Ethnic Live 2004

on 05/07/2006 | TOP16
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Gultskra Artikler. This is what I called real eclecticism. GA project is powered by Alexey Devyanin, also known as Stud. His music is characterized by the unique mixture of brutal and honest vibes of mysterious Siberian soul and hi-tech technologies, some unpredictable electroacoustical and avantgarde instrumental movements and precise electronic manipulations, strange field recordings, folk cut-ups and XXI century musique concrete. Each time he sounds completely different, but still and all you can always feel the taste of real Gultskra Artikler. Now is proudly presenting you some exclusive archival material from GA. The ethno-style of this live session (Gultskra Artikler accompanied with a bongo performer) is atypical for GA, and it could be a nice flashback to the eternal music of Muslimgauze. But don't be afraid, there is enough space for original mind-exploding constructions of Gultskra Artikler.

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