1MC-15 Winter Desire

by 1MC
on 1MC 2010
08/13/2010 Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
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Winters Desire… Is the subtitle of this podcast. It is not about the desire that one may have for the cold winter nights, but the desire that one has during the winter for things to come back to life again. Nature, things, people… And I’m not only talking of the season changes of nature, but also about the season changes in life… Winter has been hard… It is time for spring… 1MC Facebook page. 1. DeTrop – Winters Night – (Kreislauf) 2. Max Marlow – Walaskjalf – (Kreislauf) 3. He-Lux – Velvet Stars – (Kreislauf) 4. Two_EM – Nova Silence – (Kreislauf) 5. Yaxed – Cthulhu – (Kreislauf) 6. MarceXL – Can You Feel The Desire – (Kreislauf)
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