We Have The Feeling

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on top-40.org 2007 / TOP06
08/02/2007 Creative Commons BY-NC-ND

This dark and mysterious musical journey brings you to the lake of sorrow, to the valley of broken machines - to the place, where everything is covered with a fog of depression and hopelessness. Rudimental minimal beat is your only leading cord, which helps not to get lost in this frightening wasted area. But then you're suddenly transferred to the rise of a supernova ambient star, accompanied by smooth and luxury ambient techno. More deep, groovy, powerful industrial music will follow after that, spiced with a blast of strange field recordings and the voice of John Cage.

01 Intro (Metro_NM)
02 Anri - Microtest (Metro_NM smoke mix)
03 Motor - Inna sneg (Metro_NM ML mix)
04 Anri - Glastrompfentanz (Metro_NM mix)
05 Motor - vaz (Metro_NM Arab mix)
06 Metro_NM - HiOho (Anri Cherno mix)
07 Metro_NM - Redka zab (Anri Tundra mix)

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