Mefjus - Weakness

by Mefjus
on fish recordings 2009 / FISH002
10/19/2009 Creative Commons BY-NC-ND
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MEFJUS  - "WEAKNESS" [fishrecordings / FISH002]

fish recordings brings to you the king of schnitzelstep!

so if you wonder what the heck schnitzelstep might be, dont be bothered...
schnitzelstep is a weird bastard music consisting of crazyness, going insane and having lots of fun. it is all about schnitzel with pommes and partying, dancing and freaking out. so it is the perfect music to solve all problems in the world. obama and the pope and all the boring and stupid politicians should dance the schnitzelstep.
the innovators of schnitzelstep are two crazy austrians called mefjus and nzian (it is obvious that austria is the craziest country in the world: just think of guys like mozart, kafka, falco, schwarzenegger and bruno).

so what has schnitzelstep to do with the second release on fish recordings? to be honest: next to nothing!!!
"schnitzel & pommes" is a side-project by mefjus who produces mainly drum n bass!

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