Live @ Altes Wettbüro Dresden 08.03.2007

on Phonocake 2008 / phoke51
08/21/2008 Creative Commons BY-NC-ND
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Following Phonocake's limited cassette-only release, number 51 in the catalogue is another online release. Behind the Pseudonym KERN we introduce another highly active electronic musician from Dresden, who is mainly known in town for his livesets. This release, his online-debut, besides his track at Phonocake's latest compilation, is fittingly a recording of a liveset by the artist, recorded in the relaxed atmosphere of a sit-in-club 'Altes Wettbüro', located in one main part of Dresden - the Neustadt.

In his liveset, KERN succeeds to build a rising action upon HipHop-Downbeats, who brings to an expedition in sound. It's quite a homogenous piece of work for the sitting-room minds, which is nevertheless diversified, without being presumptuous. From threateningly Sci-Fi Sound-constellations at the beginning the Set shapes up around slowly n dark Elektro up to melancholic melodies, which are carried by unobtrusive beats.

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