Neural Kinesis

on Shrammaka Recordings 2013 / SHRM019
09/19/2013 Creative Commons BY-NC-ND
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Now I know. I know how a music label can feel in releasing something that will generate a genre... or however a subgenre. I know it because today I decided to release Wighnetz and his Neural Kinesis. Perhaps you listened a lot of Neurofunk productions but certainly not a Progressive Neurofunk track, a Neurofunk DnB tune with an approach that combines elements of diverse styles. So I could imagine reading on the Wikipedia page about Progressive Neurofunk (in 2023!) and I can see among the lines: "First Progressive Neurofunk track in history of DnB could be considered Neural Kinesis by Wighnetz, released in 2013 on Shrammaka Recordings." Now download and listen to the future: I think you could be able to see those lines.
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