Divide By Zero EP

by EE7A
on Toucan Music 08/31/2018 | tou341
Creative Commons BY-NC
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EE7A returns to follow up his debut Drive EP with another four track release full of analogue techno mayhem. Kicking off the EP, Lean matches bleepy and slightly melancholic arpeggios with a pulsating groove driven by techno hi-hat rhythms. A-113 takes a more minimal, acidic turn with squeakily distressed riffs set against an electro beat. Divide By Zero picks up the pace with a throbbing kick, hectic hi-hats and distorted snare providing the rhythms for machine driven synth grooves. Clandestine Operation ends the EP on a slightly calmer note, with deep tech rhythms and metallic percussion evoking that late night atmospheric vibe.
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