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06/16/2009 Creative Commons BY-NC-ND
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Set taken from the "dee3 | datamixes"-series; tracklist:

  1. Detroit People Mover: No Change Same Samey
  2. Detroit People Mover: Structure
  3. Detroit People Mover: Sik
  4. PNM: Blither
  5. Detroit People Mover: Lapse
  6. Phrek: Missing Things
  7. M .Rahn: Rude Stryx
  8. Miah: Navigator (DPM Remix)
  9. Mike Dehnert: Raumzeit
  10. Myles Sergé: I96 (DPM Remix)
  11. Sans Soleil: Air-Sol
  12. M .Rahn: Retrogram 01
  13. M .Rahn: Stryx 08
  14. M. Rahn: Confused Mass
  15. Detroit People Mover: Model One (Extended Mix)
  16. Miah: Command
  17. Mike Dehnert: Voices
  18. Sergio MF Valente vs. Eighty Eight: Could you...

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Shout-outs, respect and eternal thanks goes to Phrek and the 6ONE6-artists for their support...!!!

The individual tracks used are fully copyrighted and held by the respective artists and label;
furthermore, all tracks are used with 6ONE6's knowledge and permission.

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