Try And Error - Session 19

on fish recordings 2009 / FISH003
10/19/2009 Creative Commons BY-NC-ND
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TRY AND ERROR  - "SESSION 19" [fishrecordings / FISH003]

release number three on fish recordings is here:

well, as mentioned in the info-blabla of fish recordings dj zoidberg and mc moby dick, the guys behind this label are two shiny dilettantes and so they even manage to release a tune which is not really a tune. some would call it a tool, most of the people would call it some boring track in which nothing happens and others would even say this is some unfinished bullshit not even worth listen. but anyways, it is for free and you should give it a try that would be no error (lousy wordplay lol)!
btw: try and error are from a small town in hessen, germany. and that is some real punishment itself, so download the track, spread the word and make them famous so that they are able to leave this embarassing department of germany and find some good place to live, start a family with prosperous kids and say goodbye to drum n bass like everyone else is doing at the moment.


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