John Chapter 14

on Electronica4God 2013
01/05/2013 Public Domain
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e4g022- John Chapter 14 (graphite412 ambient mix) This is an ambient mix of the 14th chapter of John from the World English Bible. The scripture is read by Dolores Thompson and Karsten Klemme. The scripture reading is slower than most audio books, making it easier to listen along, and the text is from the World English Bible, a modern English translation that is in the public domain. The chants are from the audio library. I'm releasing this under a CC0 1.0 Universal license. The chants as well as the scripture reading were also released in a public domain/Creative Commons no restrictions license. The soundscape that serves as the foundation of the music is a recording of the Montrose power plant in Missouri. Soli Deo Gloria Label: Electronica 4 God Release Number: e4g022 Copyright: Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal //Release Date December 2012 Follow Us At:
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