Turning Fog EP

by Anaxy
on Phonocake 08/16/2010 | phoke28
Creative Commons BY-NC-ND
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Anaxy takes us with his minimal-electroid-ambientesque 'Turning Fog' ep to the deep inner things structures and shadows of all the things, surrounding us. Anaxy shows us, what is going on right there. Its a clear and moving picture, hard and soft at the same time, quiet and loud at once, not too fast, but still in a good moving. Optimized Clockwork analysis, while the moods in the cabin will be translated to melodic lines. 

And so we can see: The world of the scifi-bad-dream-film 'Brazil' is past. Today, there are Bits, which secretly control the people and lines. people are material, which is put into a plans. The 'Turning Fog' ep can be interpreted as an musical expression of a time, in which The Invisible is more powerful than the Visible.

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