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is proud to announce first release... though the second kick off external but no joint release!
handle the short as wired, 
threshold your companion through glasses…
one of the VERY important son of doings:
Murmurists (Anthony Donovan)
and his unrecorded trust of art 'Joseph Boi'

Ground Bursting Circuits Merry The Mass Survival- bless thy family
the kitchen avant may never meet their circumstances as it was truly off your health!

"Murmurists (Anthony Donovan) runs bicycles as water well.
when I tried I fell, when I enjoyed I dwell as son’s of goddess gestures"
-André Pissoir

"’Jospeh Boi’ a decision was made with spirit! 
none addicted to manipulate, 
it’s the mood as fact 
which appears in this work of genius!
He’s the neXt ONE! 
viva Murmurists!"
-Lester Béton

"hearts would be passed on like trust beyond matter of relatives, he’s one of those we do"
-undRess Béton

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